Weddings at Mary Immaculate Church

Welcome and thank you for considering Mary Immaculate Church for your special day!


Those from outside the Waverley Parish are required to supply their own priest celebrant who must possess the faculties of the Archdiocese of Sydney. He will guide them through the process of preparation and will be responsible for all the papers, both Government and Church. Catholics are asked to give to the officiating priest or deacon at least six months notice of their wedding.

Bookings for Weddings

The Parish Staff is unable to celebrate Marriages on Sundays; therefore you must have your own priest for a Sunday wedding.

  • Weddings on Saturday may be celebrated between 11:30am – 3.30pm
  • Weddings on Sunday may be celebrated between 12:30pm – 3.30pm

A proposed time and date should be checked with the Parish Secretary at the Parish Centre. A tentative booking can be made which needs to be confirmed within four weeks of being made by completing the Wedding Application Form and returning it with payment in full.  The date and time will be confirmed via receipt of the Application Form. In case of cancellation 50% of the total amount of the fee will be held.

Pre-marriage Education Courses – CatholicCare

It is expected that any couple intending to marry will participate in one of the Pre-Marriage Courses offered in the Archdiocese of Sydney.  If you choose to bring your family priest then he will decide with you what course to take. CatholicCare Sydney invites you to spend some time building or strengthening the foundations for your married life. You can choose between 3 different courses, suited to your individual needs: Becoming One, Intimate I or Intimate II. Courses are run either in the group or face-to-face format, on weeknights and some weekends.

Courses are run around the Sydney Archdiocese in the following locations: Bankstown, Beverly Hills, Carnes Hill, Fairfield, Lewisham, Lane Cove, Leichhardt, Miranda, Strathfield, Sydney City, Peakhurst and Waverley. For more information about each course, dates and making a booking, please see our brochure and calendar or contact us.

Church Upkeep and Maintenance

Cleaning, along with the supply of Church and Altar requisites are a significant cost to the Parish. To assist with the recovery of these costs a donation is required to confirm your booking:

  • $500 is asked for a Weekday/Saturday Wedding
  • $700 for a Sunday Wedding

Offerings for the Priest

The wedding donation to book the church does not go to the Priest.  An offering for his time and services, in the amount of your choosing, would be gladly received. As a guideline, you may like to consider what the cost would be of a regular civil marriage celebrant.


Approximately 3 months before the wedding ceremony, you will need to arrange a meeting with the celebrant to prepare to documentation for your wedding. You will need to provide the priest with the following:

  • Baptism Certificate (issued within a period of six months prior to the wedding).
  • A full copy of Certificate of Birth (a current non-Australian Passport will suffice for those born overseas).
  • Marriage declaration forms will be filled in by the priest.
  • Certificate from Catholic Care course – if you are using the Parish Priest

Church Regulations

As a matter of courtesy to families and in consideration for other Weddings that may follow your own, brides are requested to arrive at the Church at the appointed time for the Wedding.

The use of confetti, rice, flower petals etc. is strictly forbidden within Mary Immaculate Church or on the property. (Printing this on the wedding invitation can be a good idea.)

Flowers & Decorations
You may decorate the pews for the wedding. Although, we do ask that they are then removed after the ceremony. Flowers in the church are welcome, and you may choose to also have these collected or donated to the church – we love flowers here!

Please tell photographers to contact the Celebrant in the week before the wedding to discuss what is allowed, especially when Video Cameras are being used.

All wedding patrons are requested to park in the council car park and street and are not to park on the lawn. Please note Waverley Council are very strict regarding their parking laws, so please advise the guests to comply when parking on the day.

Food & Drink
Food & drinks are not allowed in either the Church or on the grounds outside the Church after your ceremony. The Parish Hall is available for hire for no more than 50 people should you wish to provide light refreshments.


Rehearsals can be scheduled on a weeknight. This needs to be arranged at least two months before the wedding. A maximum of two (2) hours is allocated for rehearsals and must be completed by 8:30pm.

Music for your Ceremony

If you wish to use live music, you must contact our Church Organist and discuss any selections.

Kurt Ison on mobile: 0430 372 990 or email:

The Church organ is uniquely designed to fill these spaces adequately and the Church organists are professional musicians who are experts at providing appropriate liturgical music. You will need to apply for permission to use someone other than Kurt and he’ll decide according to their proven competency as an organist and qualifications so that the instrument isn’t in any danger of being damaged. Alternatively, you can use the electric keyboard down the front of the church in the Blesséd Sacrament Chapel. Fees for organists and vocalists are to be arranged with them.

To make a booking please complete this Wedding Booking Form and contact the Parish Secretary in the Parish Office on (02) 9369 9399 or