Register your place at Mass

From the first week of July we will be returning to our old timetable, but we still encourage you to register for a Mass for contact tracing (Max. of 100 people permitted per Mass).

Please click here to register for a Mass.

Monday to Friday9:15am
9:45am Reconciliation
5:00pm Vigil
Sunday8:30am, & 10:00am & 5:00pm
Baptism3rd & 4th Sunday of each month at 11:30am

You will need to sign in next to your name when entering the church for contract tracing. Following social distancing guidelines, every second pew will be blocked. Families are welcome to sit together but others should make sure they are 1.5 metres away from the next person.

Please note: Any information recorded will be stored securely in the Parish Office and will not be available to anyone other than the NSW government should they require contact tracing.

Once the 100 people have arrived for Mass the doors of the Church will be closed so as to follow the rules set by our NSW State Government. Please do not turn up and expect to get in without booking! Each day the pews and seats will be wiped down, and one door only will be left open to avoid having to open a door.

The church will be open during the week from 10am to 1pm for personal prayer time. Please make sure you register and “sign in” when attending church and sanitize your hands. Visit times should be limited so other parishioners also have a chance to pray. 

** If you have any cold, cough or flu-like respiratory symptoms, please do not attend any of these services. **

These changes are regulated by both the Australian Government and the Archdiocese of Sydney and are aimed to enable us all to follow the necessary directions of social distancing within our Parish. 

Church Location

Parish Centre
45A Victoria Street
Waverley, NSW 2024

Deanery: Deanery 7

Primary School:
St Charles Catholic Primary School, Waverley


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